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Welcome to Taverna Raw Bar & Plancha.
The latest Gem to Hudson, Small, Sexy and Blue, that’s how patrons describe Taverna.
Freshly shucked oysters on ice by the dozen, shellfish, Fresh fish and more, served raw or off the “Plancha”, and if you are not the fish type, we got you covered, there is something for everyone, wine list, Cocktail menu, professionally sourced music, creating the vibe that will keep you coming back.
Our intimate setting will transport you to a trattoria somewhere on the shores of the Mediterranean where the food is fresh and the sea is the perfect shade of blue.

Enjoy the Experience

Speciality Fall Menu

Signature  Cocktails

Pineapple Mezcal Sour – $13 Mezcal, Jus D’ananas/Pineapple Juice, Amer/Bitters, Citron/Lemon, Sirop Simple/Simple Syrup, Blanc d’oeufs/Egg Whites, 

Apple-y Ever After – $13 Amaro, Prosecco, Amer de Pommes/ Apple Bitters, Soda 

Bittersweet Symphony – $15 Vodka, Grenade/Pomegranate, Campari, Biere de Gingembre/Ginger Beer, Amers Oranges/Orange bitters 

Sargent Peppers Gin Martini Club – $16 Lime Basil Gin, Vermouth, Lime, Amer au Poivre/ Pepper Bitters, Poivre noir concassé / Cracked Black Pepper 

Blood Moon Martini – $16 Vodka, Orange Sanguine / Blood Orange, Grand Marnier, Lime, Amers Canneberge/ Cranberry Bitters 

“Where Has All The Rum Gone?” – $14 Purée de mangue / Mango Puree, Rum Blanc / White Rum, Cointreau, Lime, Masala Amers / Bitters 

Cool as a Cucumber – $14 Gin, Concombre/Cucumber, Soda, Menthe/Mint 

Pear with Me… – $15 Bourbon, Poire/Pear, Gingembre/Ginger, Miel/Honey 

Dragons Breath (Fumé/Smoked) – $17 Cognac, Absinthe, Cointreau, Sirop Simple/Simple Syrup, Amers d’orange/Orange Bitters, Amers 

Cherry Coffee Old Fashioned – $16 Bourbon, Tia Maria, Sirop Simple/Simple Syrup, Amers Cerise & Café/Cherry Coffee Bitters, Amers/Bitters 

Umami – $14 Tequila, Galliano, Sirop Simple/Simple Syrup, Amers D’orange/Orange Bitters, Amers piquant/Spicy Bitters 

Raw Bar

Join us for some delicious Fresh Seafood, Raw Crudo, Freshly shucked oyster, and one of our Speciality Taverna Cocktails.
Wednesdays – Saturdays from 5-10pm.


Plancha style cooking is the preparation of fish and seafood, or steak, at high-temperature searing on the surface while keeping the insides tender and rare.

Meet our Team

Jess King

Jessica King

Max Morganti

Max Morganti